Thursday, April 11, 2002

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Sunday, June 17, 2001

Laura says LuLu is a good guy. [LuLu: Okay. well, today is a good day. i hope to finally finish that game of scrable we've been playing for the last three weeks. Jamie is a good dog.visit my website at for some outstanding web design :-)]
It is really a clever ploy contrived by my husband an our friends to make me less a Luddite. So far it has only strengthen my commitment to keep my idea of a keyboard as Professor Long Hair's Motus operandi. Oh, and that outdoor concert in tennessee. I was just a baby grand's adoring distance from Dr. John. Did I sound like I was kidding when I staked claim to middle age?
I don't evn pay much mind to music.anyway.
My disclaimer:
I connot be held accountable for my spelling, my typing, or my sentiments. I am amiddle aged lady with too much time on her hands, But not that much.
I want the world to know the beauty of my sentences.